What To Expect During The Exam

The Exam Tool

ProbeUsing a very gentle, light weight sensor, we measure your skin’s temperature on 90-120 different points on your body, ranging from the head to the pelvic area.

What Is The Test Like?


The 30-minute test is gentle and non-invasive. You stand fully clothes as the first set of measurements is taken. Then you gradually disrobe to your underwear to expose your skin for ten-minute cooling period before the points are measured a second time. The test data is then computed by the system and the results are returned instantly for consultation

The results are documented in a graph which reveals the reactions of the body, the functional health of your various organs and their neurological control systems.

This whole-body medical exam is designed for men, women, and children over 6 years old and overall the experience is pleasant and relaxing for the patient. There’s no harmful radiation, pain, or confined spaces to contend with.

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